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Connecting to OSG chatrooms

Grid Operations Center provides following chat rooms for OSG members on IU XMPP server (

osg (OSG Chat Room)General OSG chat room open to public. You can use it to discuss any technical issues / troubleshooting with OSG experts.None

osgwarroom (OSG Warroom)

Used during production release, or while troubleshooting any critical service outages. GOC infrastructure team uses this room every 2nd and 3rd Tuesday to coordinate release activities.None
osggocGOC's private chatroom.Invite Only

You can connect to these chat rooms using any XMPP capable chat client (iChat, Pidgin, Adium, etc..) through a XMPP server capable of server federation. Please contact your administrator on how to use XMPP server at your institution. Alternatively, you can create a free XMPP account at GTalk / AMI, etc.. 

Connection Example

You can connect to osgwarroom with following configuration with Pidgin. 

  • Make sure to use "" (not




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