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OIM allows GOC staff to administer field of science at folllowing URL

Adding new FOS

  1. Make sure similar named FOS does not already exist.
  2. If not, click "Add New Field of Science" button and register new FOS.

Removing FOS

  1. Find the FOS you want to remove, and make sure "Used By" field is empty. If not, update all entries and disassociate the FOS from VO or Project entries.

  2. Click x button next to the FOS that you want to remove.


  • If you are merging 2 or more duplicate FOS into one, it is best to remove the FOS with least amount of association so that you don't have to edit many entries.
  • Gratia doesn't store FOS info, but uses Project Name and query OIM to get FOS, so you don't have to worry about Gratia when you are administering FOS in OIM.
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