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What is mesh config?

MyOSG publishes perfsonar mesh config. This configuration file defines group of perfsonar toolkits instances that each toolkit should be monitoring. When a new perfsonar instance is registered in OIM, mesh config administrator will update the mesh config settings in OIM, and MyOSG will generate the mesh configuration file. Perfsonar toolkit can run a service called "Mesh Config Agent" which can then periodically download the mesh configuration file and configures toolkit instance to monitor hosts defined in the config file.

Where can I download it?

You can see the list of URLS for all mesh config that are currently published in MyOSG


MyOSG's mesh configuration publisher is still in beta testing. MyOSG mesh config URL currently redirects to WLCG mesh config. You can disable redirection by adding "?new" at the end of the MyOSG mesh config URL.

We are also having some firewall / routing issues with various perfsonar sites (mostly the WLCG sites) that we are currently working on.

Configuring Mesh Config Agent

Please do following in your Perfsonar Toolkit instance.

Step 1) Edit agent_configuration.conf

In /opt/perfsonar_ps/mesh_config/etc/agent_configuration.conf, add following under <mesh> section

  • You can enter multiple mesh configs by repeating <mesh> elements for each mesh config URL.
Step 2) Run generate_configuration command manually

Mesh Config agent will run /opt/perfsonar_ps/mesh_config/bin/generate_configuration via cron once a day. You can run this script manually to get your toolkit instance updated with its configuration immediately.

For more information on installing mesh config agent.

MyOSG Perfsonar Matrix views

MyOSG's perfsonar matrix / RSV status pages are deprecated and currently being migrated to maddash / OMD instances.


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