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This document lists all interactions between our services.

Internal Interactions

MyOSG GratiaGraphs


External Interactions


  • (OSG) - Top level BDII for OSG
  • (WLCG) - Site level BDII for CERN's top level BDII

CERN pulls data from every few minutes according to this script > [David Collados]

New records and changes in existing records normally show up on within a few minutes, whereas records deleted at the source are retained for 24 hours, with any Status attributes set to Unknown. [Maarten Litmaath]

Can CERN pull data from port 2170 so that we don't have to provide 2 instances? "No as the suffix used in the dn is Mds-Vo-name=local,o=grid, so all entries will be rejected due to the recursion protection feature." [Laurence Field] But, once we move to OpenLDAP 2.4, we can use its alias feature to overcome this problem.

[Laurence Field]

To create an 'alias' you need to add the following to the slapd.conf file. (For OpenLDAP 2.4)

# Load the required modules
moduleload rwm
moduleload back_relay

# Configure the alias
database        relay
suffix          "Mds-Vo-Name=OSG,o=grid"
overlay         rwm
suffixmassage   "Mds-Vo-Name=OSG,o=grid,Mds-Vo-Name=local,o=grid"


Various collaborators uses MyOSG XML as registered in

Collaborators registers these records via

GratiaWeb (

GratiaWeb service access following DB to produce graphs based on user requests.

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