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Revoke host certificate issues.

Input Parameters

This API is only available for GridAdmins associated with the request. Must be called via https with valid OIM user certificate. Revocation is only possible on host request with status of either ISSUED, or REVOCATION_REQUESTED (by guest or non-GridAdmin user).

All certificates issued under a specified host certificate request record will be revoked.

host_request_idIntegerOIM host certificate request to revoke (all certificate within this request will be revoked)
serial_idStringOIM host certificate serial ID to revoke (only the specified certificate will be revoked)
(request_comment)StringComment to add to the OIM log and Footprints ticket update
  • Either host_request_id or serial_id required (don't specify both)

Output Parameters

detailStringHuman readable status string

OK: Successfully revoked all new host certificate request.


Code Sample

Revoking by serial ID (only 1 certificate will be revoked)

Revoking all certificate under a host_request ID

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