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Renew user certificate. After successful renewal, you need to call user_cert_retrieve to obtain the certificate.

Input Parameters

Only the requester of the certificate can renew. Must be called via https with valid OIM user certificate.

user_request_id *1IntegerOIM user certificate request to renew
serial_id *1StringCertificate serial ID

Comment to add to the OIM log

passwordStringPassword to encrypt the new private key and PKCS12. Call user_cert_retrieve with session ID set with Cookie to retrieve pkcs12. Please see sample code for user_cert_retrieve.

*1 Client only needs to provide either user_request_id, or serial_id - not both.

Output Parameters

detailStringHuman readable status string

OK: Successfully renewed the certificate.


request_idIntegerRequest ID that can be used to later retrieve the certificate

Code Sample

  • Please see sample code for user_cert_retrieve.
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