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RSV Collector

RSV collector service collects all RSV metrics published by OSG RSV services running on various OSG resources that has RSV gratia publisher enabled. RSV collector is just a specially configured Gratia collector. 


RSV Collector administration pages can be accessed via following URLs

(Current production)

(New production)


RSV-SAM (slated to be deprecated by April 1st 2014)

RSV-SAM is a sub-component running on RSV collector which is responsible for sending all new RSV records to WLCG/SAM. It also sends OIM downtime records (both new & updates).
Records sent to SAM can be verified & compared using following pages under MyWLCG
WLCG/SAM is currently maintained by following people
  • Marian Babik
  • Ivan Antoniev Dzhunov


New SAM no longer uses RSV / RSV-SAM infrastructure. Instead SAM runs their own nagios tests against individual sites. 

For list of critical metrics



As of January 2014 WLCG reports are generated based on experiments SAM/Nagios instances here at CERN (RSV is no longer used for this).

In case an OSG site needs a recomputation, they can submit an official request via GGUS ( ).

The initial reports for February are at (they were broadcasted by WLCG office this week)


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